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VssSnapshotProperties Properties

The VssSnapshotProperties type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCreationTimestamp
Time stamp indicating when the shadow copy was created. The exact time is determined by the provider.
Public propertyExposedName
The name of the shadow copy when it is exposed. This is a drive letter or mount point (if the shadow copy is exposed as a local volume), or a share name.
Public propertyExposedPath
The portion of the shadow copy of a volume made available if it is exposed as a share.
Public propertyOriginalVolumeName
The name of the volume that had been shadow copied.
Public propertyOriginatingMachine
The name of the machine containing the original volume.
Public propertyProviderId
A Guid uniquely identifying the provider used to create this shadow copy.
Public propertyServiceMachine
The name of the machine running the Volume Shadow Copy Service that created the shadow copy.
Public propertySnapshotAttributes
The attributes of the shadow copy expressed as a bit mask (or bitwise OR) of members of the VssVolumeSnapshotAttributes enumeration.
Public propertySnapshotDeviceObject

The name of the device object for the shadow copy of the volume. The device object can be thought of as the root of a shadow copy of a volume. Requesters will use this device name when accessing files on a shadow-copied volume that it needs to work with.

The device name does not contain a trailing "\".

Public propertySnapshotId
A Guid uniquely identifying the shadow copy identifier.
Public propertySnapshotsCount

Number of volumes included with the shadow copy in the shadow copy set when it was created. Because it is possible for applications to release individual shadow copies without releasing the shadow copy set, at any given time the number of shadow copies in the shadow copy set may be less than SnapshotsCount

The maximum number of shadow-copied volumes permitted in a shadow copy set is 64.

Public propertySnapshotSetId
A Guid uniquely identifying the shadow copy set containing the shadow copy.
Public propertyStatus
Current shadow copy creation status. See VssSnapshotState.
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