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IVssBackupComponentsBreakSnapshotSet Method (Guid)
The BreakSnapshotSet method causes the existence of a shadow copy set to be "forgotten" by VSS.

Namespace: Alphaleonis.Win32.Vss
Assembly: AlphaVSS.Common (in AlphaVSS.Common.dll) Version: (
void BreakSnapshotSet(
	Guid snapshotSetId


Type: SystemGuid
Shadow copy set identifier.
UnauthorizedAccessExceptionThe caller does not have sufficient backup privileges or is not an administrator.
ArgumentExceptionOne of the parameters is not valid.
OutOfMemoryExceptionOut of memory or other system resources.
SystemExceptionUnexpected VSS system error. The error code is logged in the event log.
VssProviderVetoExceptionThe shadow copy was created by a software provider and cannot be broken.
VssObjectNotFoundExceptionThe specified shadow copy does not exist.
BreakSnapshotSet can be used only for shadow copies created by a hardware shadow copy provider. This method makes these shadow copies regular volumes.
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