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IVssBackupComponentsInitializeForRestore Method
The InitializeForRestore(String) method initializes the IIVssBackupComponents interface in preparation for a restore operation.

Namespace: Alphaleonis.Win32.Vss
Assembly: AlphaVSS.Common (in AlphaVSS.Common.dll) Version: (
void InitializeForRestore(
	string xml


Type: SystemString
XML string containing the Backup Components Document generated by a backup operation and saved by SaveAsXml.
ArgumentNullExceptionxml is
UnauthorizedAccessExceptionThe caller does not have sufficient backup privileges or is not an administrator.
OutOfMemoryExceptionOut of memory or other system resources.
SystemExceptionUnexpected VSS system error. The error code is logged in the event log.
VssBadStateExceptionThe backup components object is not initialized, this method has been called during a restore operation, or this method has not been called within the correct sequence.
VssInvalidXmlDocumentExceptionThe load operation of the specified XML document failed.
The XML document supplied to this method initializes the IVssBackupComponents object with metadata previously stored by a call to SaveAsXml. Users should not tamper with this metadata document.
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