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VssRestoreType Enumeration

The VssRestoreType enumeration is used by a requester to indicate the type of restore operation it is about to perform.

Namespace:  Alphaleonis.Win32.Vss
Assembly:  AlphaVSS.Common (in AlphaVSS.Common.dll) Version: (
public enum VssRestoreType
  Member nameValueDescription

No restore type is defined.

This indicates an error on the part of the requester.

ByCopy1The default restore type: A requester restores backed-up data to the original volume from a backup medium.

A requester does not copy data from a backup medium, but imports a transportable shadow copy and uses this imported volume for operations such as data mining.

Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition and Windows Server 2003, Web Edition: This value is not supported. All editions of Windows Server 2003 SP1 support this value.

Other3A restore type not currently enumerated. This value indicates an application error.

A requester sets the type of a restore operation using SetRestoreState(VssRestoreType).

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