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IVssExamineWriterMetadata Interface

A class that allows a requester to examine the metadata of a specific writer instance. This metadata may come from a currently executing (live) writer, or it may have been stored as an XML document.

Namespace:  Alphaleonis.Win32.Vss
Assembly:  AlphaVSS.Common (in AlphaVSS.Common.dll) Version: (
public interface IVssExamineWriterMetadata : IDisposable

The IVssExamineWriterMetadata type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAlternateLocationMappings
The alternate location mappings of the file sets.
Public propertyBackupSchema
The BackupSchema is examined by a requester to determine from the Writer Metadata Document the types of backup operations that a given writer can participate in.
Public propertyComponents
Obtains the Writer Metadata Documents the components supported by this writer.
Public propertyExcludeFiles
Information about files that have been explicitly excluded from backup.
Public propertyExcludeFromSnapshotFiles
Obtains information about file sets that have been explicitly excluded from a given shadow copy.
Public propertyInstanceId
The instance identifier of the writer
Public propertyInstanceName
Gets the writer instance name.
Public propertyRestoreMethod
Information about how a writer wants its data to be restored.
Public propertySource
A VssSourceType enumeration value indicating the type of data managed by the writer.
Public propertyUsage
A VssUsageType enumeration value indicating how the data managed by the writer is used on the host system.
Public propertyVersion
Gets the version information for a writer application.
Public propertyWriterId
The class ID of the writer
Public propertyWriterName
A string specifying the name of the writer
Public methodLoadFromXml
The LoadFromXml(String) method loads an XML document that contains a writer's metadata document into a IVssExamineWriterMetadata instance.
Public methodSaveAsXml
The SaveAsXml method saves the Writer Metadata Document that contains a writer's state information to a specified string. This string can be saved as part of a backup operation.
A IVssExamineWriterMetadata interface to a live writer's metadata is obtained by a call to WriterMetadata.
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